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About us

With over 20 years of experience in the market and with professionals in the legal, accounting and information technology areas, we have developed our own systems for document analysis, generation of management and official reports.

We serve our customers differently, offering not only the necessary tools for calculating and documenting credits, but also advising on problem solving regarding compliance with legislation in the execution of commercial routines.

We operate in several Brazilian states, including São Paulo, Paraná, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

Our clients

Companies that work with B2B-based business model, that accumulate ICMS Accumulated Credit or that are entitled to ICMS-ST refund Tax substitution.

Companies as factories, national distributors, exporters or importers that distribute to all over Brazil.

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Refund ICMS/ST

The ICMS-ST Refund recognizes the right to recover the ICMS paid twice when the company is under the tax substitution regime in its state of origin and works with the taxed interest rates, such as sales and transfers. The refund can occur through compensation in the ICMS graphic account, deducting the tax to be paid monthly or by transferring the credits to.

Ressarcir has been working in this area for over 20 years, offering the client not only the calculation of credits, but consultancy on the subject for the success and optimization of results, due to the complexity of the procedure.

Our system makes a monthly diagnosis of inventory control, mapping inconsistencies such as negative inventories, adjustments to the calculation base on current interest entries and VAT errors without input payment.

Our work is to monitor the entire process with transparency and expertise, from the validation of the generated files to the approval of the calculated credits

Vital for companies under the tax substitution regime, the refund relieves the tax burden, ensuring certainty for the company.


Find out if your sales result in a complement to the ICMS-ST!

Since the decision of the Supreme Court issued in Extraordinary Appeal 593,849 and in Direct Action of Unconstitutionality 2,777, paving the way for the refund of ICMS-ST also in domestic sales to final consumers for a value lower than the presumed calculation base, the states have moved to make claim the right to collect the supplement in cases where the opposite occurs: the sale value is higher than the assumed calculation base.

Whether to support companies wishing to know whether it is appropriate to join the ROT – ST, the Optional Tax Substitution Tax Regime, created by the ICMS Agreement 67/2019 and applied in the participating states, such as Paraná or even for companies that are subject to the compulsory payment of the complement, as in the state of São Paulo, Ressarcir has a product based on its own inventory control for the calculation of the complement or refund, which provides objective data on the real profile of the company and helps to define the best decision on the topic.

Accumulated Credit

Accumulated Credit are many companies accumulated after month, because their operations generate more credit than this tax debt. In general, accumulated credit is the positive difference between the rates of entry and exit of products and goods.

Each state has a different rule for what is accepted as an operation that generates accumulated credit. In the vast majority, this difference is basically based on exempt or non-taxed stocks, such as exports.

RESSARCIR calculates credits accumulated in several Brazilian states, offering customers the calculation of credits supported by tax consultancy throughout the process, in its own system, especially in states that have a specific layout such as São Paulo with e-credac portal and Paraná with SISCRED.

Such credits, according to state regularity, can be used to reduce debts or acquisitions or even to optimize cash, since many conditions allow the sale to other companies in the same state.


Ressacir has been developing its own systems for calculating ICMS credits for over 20 years. From the trust generated by our work, we also started to work with different orders placed by our clients, using the tax parameters already used in the credit approvals.

In this way, we started to provide services in the monitoring of inventories, organizing, classifying and checking inconsistencies in handling, as well as acting in the classification of NCM and in meeting other needs as a request for special regimes.

Ressacir is prepared to support several issues that link the operations taxed by the ICMS. come and meet us!

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