CAT 207/09

CAT 207/09, known as the Simplified System, provides an accumulated credit calculation method that considers input information based on averages and only the outputs are presented record by record.

Such a method simplifies processing and results in a lower cost for carrying out the verification and documentation work, as they are also commonly audited more quickly by the tax authorities. The accumulated credit values ​​must respect the fixed monthly ceiling of 10 thousand UFESP, however the excess amounts are not lost, remain in a graphic account for the ICMS compensation to be paid or may be appropriated in the future by the Costing System.

Our company has already approved more than 120mi in Accumulated Credit and in addition to having our own system for the calculation and generation of official documents, we have know-how of over 20 years in monitoring the entire process, from the protocol, monitoring of the tax audit until approval.